Intensive Academic English Preparation (IAEP, Noncredit)

The Lincoln University Intensive Academic English Preparation (IAEP) follows the mission of the University by providing the English language skills essential to a university-level education. By developing prerequisite language skills, the IAEP supports students entering academic studies at LU, including the general education, undergraduate and graduate programs in business studies, or allied health programs. The skill areas of reading, composition, grammar, listening comprehension, and speaking are taught. Although the IAEP classes are non-credit, the students may be graded to rate their achievement.

The IAEP classes are small and conducted by qualified English instructors. The faculty possesses an understanding of cultural differences and is sensitive to the needs of international students. Faculty members are available to help with academic concerns as well as other issues. The delivery system for the IAEP combines classroom instruction with media enrichment and a variety of communicative experiences such as field trips and cultural events. The classroom instructions are supplemented by the use of the computer lab for special assignments. The university library is also available for use by the IAEP students.

The IAEP can be given in different levels of difficulty. It emphasizes working with the student at his or her level and advancing to the targeted level of proficiency. Tutorial help is available. A student wishing to continue education in the university’s academic programs after completing IAEP is required to take the English tests (described on page 17 of the LU catalog) on campus and receive the passing score.

Intensive Academic English Preparation Program Structure

The IAEP program consists of the following courses and each course consists of 45 lecture hours and 15 lab hours.
ENG 2     Writing
ENG 3     Conversation/Speech
ENG 4     Reading Comprehension
ENG 7     Grammar
ENG 8     Vocabulary

Admission to the IAEP is open to international students who have completed the education equivalent to U.S. high schools. Price: $4,500 per sixteen weeks ($900 per course).