Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA, Noncredit)

Lincoln University (LU) is proud to present its Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA Certificate) lecture and seminar series emphasizing current and emerging business issues. Working professionals with strong business background and a bachelor degree often want to continue their further studies in a business administration field, but do not have enough time to join the full Master of Business Administration degree program. In such a case, informal EMBA Certificate programs become their best choice for continuing education. We offer modules of various business topics consisted in information sessions and seminars led by experienced instructors with high participation of attending students. As traditional for LU programs, we will keep strong international focus. The certificate programs are arranged for cohort groups only, so the content and length of each program is individually determined for a group.

EMBA Certificate Programs Description and Structure

This lecture series features the identification, analysis, and potential impact of critical issues facing today’s senior executive business leaders. Presenters will explore the range of possible productive responses to these current and/or emerging issues in terms of their strategic challenge to the firm’s operating environment, market, structure, management, and profitability. Emphasis will be placed on the development of strategic options, responses, tactics and actions that can assist a firm in reducing or mitigating future areas of risk exposure and in pursuing new opportunities for enhancing the firm’s growth and financial success. The presented topics are utilizing and analyzing current business information, practice, real examples, and cases. Participants will be encouraged to share their individual and collective experience with the seminar presenter in developing the alternative strategies that may be available to a business management team on ways to respond to the range of issues included in the seminar series.

The program is highly customized in content and length based on attendees’ interests. In the presented example, each course is of 16 hours, during two weekend days of 8 hours each. Each module is concluded by a project/essay (about 45 hours of work) on a topic of the module. Seminars are scheduled with specific calendar dates and classroom hours determined jointly between the program participants and the University. Although LU and its faculty have used their collective best judgment in the selection of each individual seminar topic, substitution of other topics can be made based on the interests and recommendations of the participants.

Separate certificates are given for each module. The EMBA certificate is awarded after completion of four modules. Fees and admissions requirements vary depending on a group size and specific situation. A Bachelor degree in business, accounting, or economics is strongly recommended.

Example of Modules of EMBA Certificate Programs


    1. Managerial Marketing
    2. Pricing and Negotiation
    3. Sales Management
    4. Consumer Behaviour or
    5. Digital Marketing


    1. Personnel Management
    2. Leadership Development
    3. Human Factors in Business
    4. Ethics of Business Management or
    5. Social Environment of Business


    1. Managerial Economics
    2. Accounting and Financial Analysist
    3. Finance Management
    4. Investments or
    5. Commercial Banking and Lending


    1. International Economics
    2. International Marketing
    3. Import/Export Management
    4. International Business and Investment Strategy or
    5. Global Finance


    1. Financial Analysis, Planning and Forecasting
    2. Financial Statements and Business Ethics
    3. Financial Markets
    4. Commercial Banking and Lending or
    5. Fundamentals of Asset Valuation

Other customized modules can be created (for example: Operations Management; Information Systems Management, Modern Entrepreneurship, Management Science, etc.).